Zurga in “Les Pêcheurs de perles” at Virginia Opera

October 2nd, 2012

Opera News

“David Pershall commanded attention as Zurga… his phrasing bristled with expressive nuance. The baritone also proved to be a very persuasive actor, especially in the emotional heat of the last act.”

The Washington Times

“As Zurga, the man elected tribal chief in the opera’s opening scene, baritone David Pershall radiated vocal confidence and decisiveness… his instrument was clear and strong, enabling him to project the authority as well as the self-doubt and vulnerability that make his tormented character seem far more real than the opera itself.”

The Virginian Pilot

“Act by act, [Pershall’s] rich voice grew to become a dominant force. In the final act, both his aria and duet with Leila were so moving as to make his situation tragic, and perhaps even to explain his final actions.”

The Washington Post

“Best among the men was the Zurga of baritone David Pershall”

L’orage s’est calmé

LEILA • Heather Buck
NADIR • Chad A. Johnson
ZURGA • David Pershall
NOURABAD • Nathan Stark

Conductor • Anne Manson
Director • Tazewell Thompson