Manfredo in “L’amore dei tre re”

August 12th, 2013

Voix des Arts: A Voice for the Arts

“American baritone David Pershall discloses a vibrant, ringing voice in his performance of Manfredo.”

“Montemezzi gave Manfredo impassioned, pained music that demands both nobility and raw emotion. The rôle receives from Mr. Pershall a performance of tremendous strength.”

“Mr. Pershall’s voice is a beautiful, well-knit instrument that sounds particularly impressive in moments of repose.”

“The subtlety of Mr. Pershall’s performance suggests that suspicion does not come naturally to Manfredo, making the character’s plight all the more wrenching.”

“Mr. Pershall’s diction is very good, with vowels attractively on the breath, and the allure of his tone in Manfredo’s exchanges with Fiora make the character far more than a dullard from whom any wife might seek refuge.”

“The manly high spirits with which he greets his father and the tenderness with which he returns to his wife’s side, failing to notice the coldness of her welcome that is so obvious to his blind father, are eloquently conveyed by Mr. Pershall’s singing. His most impressive singing, both musically and dramatically, is accomplished in the scene in which, having confronted his dead wife’s lover, he purposefully kisses Fiora’s poisoned lips in order to join her in death.”

“He is a thrilling Manfredo who inspires great sympathy.”
–Joseph Newsome
Voix des Arts: A Voice for the Arts

Polskie Radio

“The outstanding baritone, David Pershall, as Manfredo, won the hearts of the audience (just as he did last year)”
–Krzysztof Komarnicki

Behind The Scenes Rehearsal Clip

The Album

Albums - L'amore dei tre re CD
L’amore dei tre re

Conductor – Łukasz Borowicz
Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Beethoven Easter Festival 2012

Fiora sop – Sara Jakubiak
Avito ten – Eric Barry
Manfredo bar – David Pershall
Archibaldo bas – Nikolay Didenko
Flaminio ten – Jorge Prego
Handmaiden sop – Joanna Gontarz
Girl sop – Magdalena Dobrowolska
Woman mez – Anna Fijałkowska
A Youth ten – Tomasz Warmizak

The concert was under the Honorary Patronage of the Ambassador of the United States of America, Mr Lee Feinstein.