Acclaim for Enrico in “Lucia di Lammermoor”

December 19th, 2013

“As Lucia’s pompous and short-sighted brother, Enrico, David Pershall demonstrated a virile baritone of impressive size and resonance … [Pershall] also gave the most chilling moment of the production, when he laid down the law to Lucia, with as nasty a snarl as imaginable. It raised the hair on your arms.”

“The final cherry on an already heaping sundae was the Enrico of baritone David Pershall… He is as handsome as it gets – more important, the legato line is effortless and devoid of hectoring.”
–Town Times

“Cruda funesta Smania” from the PBS Broadcast

“[Pershall’s] strong, flexible, baritone negotiated the killer music of this role with seeming ease (it’s not!) and a wonderful sound.”
–Darien News

“The Lammermoor family, led by a dark and dangerous Enrico, with a rich baritone thanks to a dynamic David Pershall”
–The Balcony and Beyond

© Susan Naumann – with Luigi Boccia